DISH OF THE WEEK – Crispy Curry Gyoza

Putting a creative spin on the oft eaten gyoza, the Crispy Curry Gyoza promises to hit all the right spots, in our nightspot!

Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, the delicate curry-flavored chicken and vegetable filling encased in a dumpling skin fried to perfection is best served with a dollop of cumin mayo and satisfies any cravings that you may have while at any of St James Power Station’s outlets.

Where: St James Power Station
Last Orders: Sun – Thu @ 2.45pm, Fri & Sat @ 3.45am
Price: $10++


About Junyi

Having graduated with a Bachelors in Arts with Honours, I traverse the fluff-covered, sometimes pretentious world of the arts, yet would like to think that I'm down to earth, doing things like sipping hot tea at kopitiams and sitting behind a desk during office hours. This website is a portfolio of the writing that I feel can be "aired in public" (and then some). I would like to one day be a journalist for all things lifestyle. Or a full time singer. Or a world-weary traveler. Or a clown. Feel free to look through and leave your thoughts.
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