Get BIC and BOLD with “MY” Series

“Suck MY…”, “Enjoy MY…”, “Eat MY…” What comes to mind? Ever thought of saying something but too shy to put it into words? Now you can express your thoughts through the latest range of BIC’s ISO 9994 certified “MY” Series lighters.

BIC lighters always uphold the strict internal quality and safety requirements. Now, the “MY” Series lighters take on a new interpretation with bright colours and bold statements to inspire daily thoughts. Instantly express yourself in a safe, BIC and bold manner with a BIC lighter, be it through writing, text messaging or emailing.

“Made with high quality raw materials, BIC lighters are ISO 9994 certified for their safety and quality, but that doesn’t make it boring. Our latest “MY” series lighters injects fun and colour into everyday life and provides an outlet to express thoughts with a safe and useful product,” said Derek Lim, Sales & Marketing Director of BIC Product Singapore. “BIC lighters are funky accessories and not just functional tools.”

“On the other hand, individuals who are BIC and bold are not just fun, they are also aware of proper lighter safety. We aim to educate and empower the public with the knowledge on   safety-certified lighters, so that they can protect the lives of families, friends and themselves,” said Mr Lim.

Used for various “fire-lighting” related activities, low cost, low quality unsafe lighters do present a potential hazard to users. BIC lighters like those in the “MY” Series range are ISO 9994 certified and have also undergone more than 50 stringent quality checks to ensure that 100% of BIC lighters work properly before leaving the factory, thereby curbing lighter-related fire hazards.

Being ISO 9994 certified also means that BIC lighters are resistant to breakage or leakage as the gas reservoirs are made of Delrin, a high technical grade resin which ensures high impact resistance in case the lighter is dropped. In addition, lighter walls are thinner, meaning BIC lighters contain a higher amount of pure ISO butane gas than other lighters of the same size, guaranteeing flame stability and value for money.

With a stable, long-lasting flame and six unique lighter sleeve designs to choose from, the “MY” Series lighters lowers risk and increases safety for users, putting their BIC and bold thoughts into words.

Each lighter in this series retails at a suggested price of $XX and is now on sale at XX.


About Junyi

Having graduated with a Bachelors in Arts with Honours, I traverse the fluff-covered, sometimes pretentious world of the arts, yet would like to think that I'm down to earth, doing things like sipping hot tea at kopitiams and sitting behind a desk during office hours. This website is a portfolio of the writing that I feel can be "aired in public" (and then some). I would like to one day be a journalist for all things lifestyle. Or a full time singer. Or a world-weary traveler. Or a clown. Feel free to look through and leave your thoughts.
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