SUPERMODELME Season 3 Kicks Off In March With Three Times The Action And Adrenaline

Premiering 13 March, the highly-anticipated third season of SUPERMODELME promises to be HOTTER, SEXIER & TOUGHER! It is time for the models to grit their teeth and smize.

Created by Refinery Media, SUPERMODELME is Asia’s first and only multi-platform, reality-based entertainment programme that will be available internationally across TV, the Internet and on mobile. Featuring 12 aspiring Asian models going head-to-head through an array of physically and mentally grueling challenges – this action-packed reality series represents a chance to kick-start any girl’s modeling dream.

“With SUPERMODELME going into the third season, we are proud that the format has grown and expanded,” said Karen Seah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Refinery Media. “With hot new partners like MediaCorp TV, a sexy new host and tougher judges, SUPERMODELME Season 3 will definitely up the ante from previous seasons, producing bigger and better branded content that pushes the boundaries both regionally as well as internationally.”


A solely online TV show, the first season of SUPERMODELME pioneered the usage of social media tools in an Asian-produced reality TV show with Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Building on the program’s debut success, the second season delved further into the larger-than-life intrigues of the modeling industry in a 30-minute format on pay TV channels KIX and KIX HD.

This season, the brand new SUPERMODELME Season 3 will be delivered to audiences piping hot not only through KIX and KIX HD but also through MediaCorp TV Channel 5. Season 3 raises the stakes as audiences can now watch the contestants push their limits and undergo tougher-than-ever challenges on local primetime television, MediaCorp TV Channel 5. In keeping with the multi-platform approach of the previous seasons, viewers can catch exclusive webisodes and behind-the-scenes content on

“We are very happy to have SUPERMODELME as part of our programme line-up. We always strive to provide audiences with local shows that are well-produced and entertaining”, said Kim Wong-Nathan, Vice President, Commissioning, MediaCorp TV, Channel 5.

“The new season of SUPERMODELME demonstrates the evolving growth of the format, expanding from half hour to one-hour episodes for SUPERMODELME Season 3. This new season has more of everything, more action, drama and reality and we are looking forward to premiering it on KIX and KIX HD,” said Jef Lim, Head of Programming and Production, Celestial Tiger Entertainment.

A dedicated SUPERMODELME portal has been created to provide a channel for communication between the series and its fans, fostering an online community presence. Viewers may log onto to be updated on the latest drama and can also follow the contestants’ journey through the competition through their Facebook and Twitter accounts (refer to Appendix A).


With sexy international fashion model, Lisa Selesner aka Lisa S, as the new host and resident judge, season 3 guarantees to sizzle as she pushes contestants to international standards. Under her guidance, contestants undergo difficult challenges, uncomfortable situations and face fears they never thought they would, all while having to maintain the composure of a model.

“Each season, we challenge ourselves to push the envelope of the reality competition format. With the presence of Lisa S., this season will be new and improved.” said Karen Seah. “Lisa S. is a fashion and media veteran and we are extremely delighted that she has decided to come on board. With her guiding an amazing new cast of contestants with an Asian heritage, season 3 is set to become a global phenomenon.”


The program’s variety has increased – new collaborations, greater integration, and tough international industry experts judging and mentoring the contestants throughout the challenging tasks, aiming to help the models compete in an international arena. Special appearances by fashion industry experts throughout the season such as Qi Qi, Dominic Lau, Ana Rivera, Ase Wang, Utt, Junita Simon and Sharon Lim, Editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine Singapore, as well as other well-known established stylists, photographers and makeup artists, serve as realistic insights to the cut-throat modelling industry.

At the end of the competition, the SUPERMODELME winner will receive $20,000 along with attractive prizes from key sponsors as well as the chance to grace the cover of local leading fashion magazines.

Through the integration of branded content across different mediums, featuring a new combination of contestants of local and mixed heritage, a stellar cast of international celebrity hosts, guests and judges as well as larger-than-life concepts which will enthral viewers as contestants face their fears and are pushed to build resilience in both heart and mind, SUPERMODELME has redefined the entertainment experience in the realm of social media and reality television.


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