Fans Turned Up the Summer Heat

Hidden away in Eastern Singapore, Changi City Point became the place to be for Mandopop fans last Saturday, as hundreds crammed into the Arena for a chance to see their idols up close during Y.E.S. 93.3FM’s Summer Music Festival.

1Changi City Point Arena packed with fans. Photo credit: Lee Lay Na for YES 93.3FM

Hosted by Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJs Peifen and Jiafa, fans clapped along to the music of opening acts like MICappella who warmed up the crowd with their a cappella renditions of popular hits, Cheryl Wee (黄馨慧) who danced and sang up a storm, Ming Bridges with her saccharine sweet vocals and The Freshmen (插班生) whose close harmonies tingled in the air.

However, their loudest cheers were saved for their idols.

Local singer Olivia Ong (王俪婷) received a rousing applause when she was named the Music Ambassador for the Global Chinese Music Awards (GCMA) 2012 which will be held in Singapore this November.


Olivia Ong is now the Music Ambassador for GCMA 2012. Photo credit: Lee Lay Na for YES 93.3FM

Audiences also sang along to performances by Freya Lin (林凡), and came together to support Anthony Neely (倪安东), whose throat was in such bad shape that he turned to his loyal fans for help to get through the performance.


Fans rushed forward to be closer to their idols. Photo credit: Lee Lay Na for YES 93.3FM

Finally, they were rewarded for their dedication when Alien Huang (小鬼) made his appearance. Even the shyest fan clamoured to be closer to the stage to watch Huang belt out his songs, and they were not disappointed as he closed the show with his signature candour and goofy grin.


Alien Huang belting out his songs with fervor. Photo credit: Lee Lay Na for YES 93.3FM

These fans certainly brought the heat to a summer music festival to remember.


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