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Today’s Public Relations consultant is…

Today’s Public Relations (PR) consultant is a jack of all trades. Not only is it necessary for today’s PR consultant to know the brand backwards like a marketer, write like a journalist and execute events like an events planner, he … Continue reading

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Mambo Night/Clubbing: A Form of Religion?

One of the most popular clubbing events in Singapore is Mambo Jambo, held every Wednesday at Zouk. The mixture of mostly retro hits, coupled with the unique dance moves assigned based on the lyrics of songs, seem to draw the … Continue reading

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Challenges in the Fashion and Hospitality Industry in Singapore

Singapore has been said to be the third most densely populated independent country in the world. Even with that title however, our population of only about 5 million is probably the biggest challenge faced by various industries. In the Fashion … Continue reading

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Sexuality Education in Singapore for the Young

Exactly a decade ago, when I was still considered ‘the young’, I remember having talks on sexually transmitted diseases during Monday morning assemblies and the immature giggling during Biology lessons on the reproductive system. However, at that point, it never … Continue reading

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